A Very Brady Hollywood Ending


This is as close to a Hollywood ending as you can get. As far as for an actual, practicing, and performing legend. That Buccaneers fans got the chance to see how this sausage is made, is a blessing. Add to that, a shut the front door, Super Bowl LV victory. At Raymond James no less. Roll camera one.

A Spirit Figure

Remember the buzz back in 2020? A worldwide pandemic, a societal occurrence that seemed so surreal. Not the pandemic so much. That Tom Brady was going to become a Buccaneer! This couldn’t happen. Overnight it became impossible for Buccaneer fans to lay their head down at night and sleep. More victories, more respect, a chance for all the other players on this squad to challenge themselves for greatness. And boy did they ever.

Take it from somebody who has enjoyed, truly appreciated researching him, there was never going to be enough on the field to accomplish. Greatness doesn’t work like that. You only know to prepare, lead, inspire, and bleed for success every Sunday. The number of rings, Lombardi trophies, NFL MVP’s, thats the stuff of suited men, drinking bourbon in a pub in Ireland. Extolling stories and remembering the moments. But there was no specific goal, achievement, benchmark that would end Tom Brady’s career. I pose this goes toward the argument of legend. The story only grows stronger for its facts. Just epic.


The world celebrates the GOAT, Tom Brady. The NFL celebrates the greatest to ever strap it on. Canton will be greater the day Brady goes in and takes his place next to Peyton Manning. One of the greatest chapters in the history of the NFL. And one of the most enduring comments I received since Thursday night was how happy Buccaneer fans are for the Brady’s. As well as how thankful we all are for the two years, divisional championship and Super Bowl championship.

There have been some great movies filmed in Tampa Bay. Peeps from my sect remember Summer Rental, and John Candy. And who can forget Dolphin Tale, and Winter, who we lost just in November of 2021, but celebrated as a feel good, Hollywood story that made for perfect, and indulgent pleasure. Just like the career that Tom Brady had as a Buccaneer. Great laughs, a lot of inspiration. Some tears along the way, but a strong Hollywood story. Buccaneers fans lived through the filming, now the production companies have their film in the can. And Buccaneers fans will be enjoying that classic for a long time to come. That’s a wrap.