Buccaneers Next QB: Brady, Wilson, Rodgers Edition


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still at the top of the NFL’s “Silly Season” list Sunday, yes on Super Bowl Sunday. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero is reporting (per sources) that the Buccaneers still believe there’s a chance quarterback Tom Brady will changes his mind and play for them this upcoming season.

Brady retired just twelve days ago on February 1st. Yet, the rumors of his “buyers remorse” have been coming up a lot. Brady himself said,“You never say never”. Per Pelissero, people close to Brady have said the chances of him returning are “remote”. Keep in mind Brady has said he tends to lie to the media. The Buccaneers however have said they’ll do whatever it takes to have Brady back in the pewter and red. So what happens if he doesn’t return this season? What or who is behind “door number two”?

The Buccaneers are reportedly high on quarterback Kyle Trask, and there’s always Blaine Gabbert right? Not comfortable quite yet with either of those two? OK, the silly season rumor mill has got you covered.

The Buccaneers have been rumored to possibly going all in and trading for a top-flight quarterback. The names of Packers Aaron Rodgers and Seahawks Russell Wilson have been reported as part of who could be behind “door number two” for the Bucs.

Let’s start with Wilson

Russell Wilson recently stated again on SiriusXM what his intentions are, “hope and goal is to be back (in Seattle) and keep winning there” Wilson went on to say his relationship is “closer than ever” with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll. Now as Tom Brady always says, “never say never”, but in my opinion it would take an extremely large package of draft picks and/or players to tempt the Seahawks into trading Wilson. You also have to factor in Wilson’s no trade clause. As much as this one is intriguing, it’s hard to justify giving up so much draft capital or players.

So What About Rodgers?

Look, going from Brady to Aaron Rodgers sounds like we’re in a Madden simulation. The idea of it is great but far-fetched. What team is going to trade a back to back league MVP without asking for a kings ransom? Are you prepared to give up multiple first and second round picks plus a key player or two? Talk about really leaning into the “no risk it no biscuit” philosophy.

Then There’s This…

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Green Bay Packers “are prepared to go all in for Aaron Rodgers in 2022, spending as close to the cap this year and spreading it into future years as much as possible.” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting the Packers “are willing to offer Rodgers a deal that makes him the highest-paid QB in the NFL on a per-year basis — likely a two-year pact worth more than $45 million annually, with voidable years on the back end to make it work with the cap.” This sounds to me like Rodgers and the Packers are looking to make it work in Green Bay.

These rumors during the silly season are annoyingly funny and to an extent necessary. But at this point not only do they appear to be just rumors, but ones that seem highly unlikely. Guess we’ll be looking for door number three now.

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