Buccaneers Licht: “It’d Be Hard to Imagine Moving Forward Without Chris.”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht and head coach Bruce Arians are at the NFL Combine this week looking to continue building this Buccaneers roster. During the time they spoke with the media, the dynamic duo had a lot of nuggets about the team’s plans.

Shout out to the guys at Pewter Report for being on top of everything at the NFL Combine. One of the biggest nuggets to come out from the Licht/Arians presser was how much the team is wanting wide receiver Chris Godwin back.

“Chris Has Meant The World To This Organization.”

This information comes from Pewter Report’s Matt Matera on where the Buccaneers are in the Chris Godwin re-signing. “Chris has meant the world to this organization,” Licht stated. “To be quite frank, it’d be hard to imagine moving forward without Chris. We’ll see what we can do.” Arians added, “Chris is so valuable to what we do. Obviously we really want him back.” Arians went on, “I’ve only had two before (like Godwin). Hines Ward and Larry Fitzgerald. So I don’t really want to lose Chris. They’re hard, hard to find. Reggie Wayne too. He’s the other one.”

What About His Injury?

Godwin tore his ACL during the Saints game late in the season. This was a horrible time for him to get injured, it hurt not just the Buccaneers playoff aspirations, but how Godwin is seen in free agency. So coach Arians, how is Godwin’s rehab going? “From what I hear, about 45 percent,” Arians stated. “He’s doing some [rehab] at the facility and off-site. Knowing Chris and the way he works…he had a good surgery and those guys are coming back faster and faster now. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem at all.”

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht was asked the same question. “From what I understand, his rehab is going well,” Licht stated. “Sometimes you have to bet on the guy. He’s been a special player for us. He’s really overachieved in relation to where he was drafted and where we got him. It’s hard to imagine a Buccaneers’ offense without Chris Godwin. We would love to have him back. We’ll continue to try and work towards that.”

Sounds like the Buccaneers are hell-bent on bringing back Godwin, and rightfully so. The question is, how will the team handle the salary cap, or lack thereof.

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