A Very Brady Buccaneers Un-Retirement!


Welcome to the “slow season” for NFL news. The last few years have been the opposite for Buccaneers fans. 2022 is starting no different.

Doing It His Way

Of all the confusion with Tom Brady initially stepping away from the game, his lack of control of the narrative shined brightest. He’s got more rings than Thanos. More money than Ft. Knox. More pokers in the fire than a Saturday night bonfire at a dude ranch. How did it come to this?

First there was speculation of an “imminent” announcement of retirement. Then there was more social media buzz. This time seeming to beg for the word. Not just for Buccaneers fans, but the entire football world, it felt like the GOAT was being herded. Right into a retirement that he may, or may not have been ready for. Which is no way near the way that should go.

Back To The Future

The announcement could not have come more “Brady” like. Less than twenty-four hours until the legal tampering period. Why do they even call it that? From nowhere but the social media account of the man himself. The announcement that there will be a day, but that day is not today. Then a follow-up from the queen of cool herself, Giselle. Which felt like icing on the karma cake.

There was no morning headlines on the three letter, or four letter sports networks. No editorial on the “imminent” return. But a narrative that was as controlled, precise, and perfect as the quarterback Tom Brady is, every time he steps into the field. An assassins mentality. A showman’s personality. A leader of men of the truest kind. By example, and heart.

For a brand that is so perfectly normal in such an abnormally commercialized world, No entity, network, or insider should pretend to make the calls. That is an insult to the Brady’s. An insult to the NFL. But most of all, an insult to Buccaneer fans, and that is one insult too far.

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