Buccaneers Banking on Brady’s Return


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been in the national spotlight since signing quarterback Tom Brady back in 2020.

From the moment Brady put pen to paper and became a Buccaneer the revenue streams for the Bucs skyrocketed. Jersey and merchandise sales went through the roof. The win totals on the field and off were bountiful for the Glazer family.

Fast-forward to this past February and Brady’s retirement announcement, the Buccaneers ownership got a glimpse of life after Brady. Reality set in that the team would not only take a step back in the win column, but also a loss financially, a big loss.

Then just a little over a month later the Glazers and the Buccaneers found out that the “Golden Goose” was indeed coming back, with the Bucs! The cash register started rolling again, free agents started signing, the Glazers debit card was getting worked. The team got a second chance to cash in, and that’s exactly what the Glazers are doing.

As Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times reports, the Buccaneers are now looking for a two-year commitment from new season-ticket holders. To be honest, I can’t blame them, but I do wonder if fans see it the same way? Yes this policy is also an effort to keep opposing team’s fans from securing lower-bowl seats, but let’s be honest, it’s more of about the money.

The question most fans have is Brady also committing too two years? Surely if it’s all about the money for the Glazers the same could be said for the fans looking to commit that kind of money. I doubt anyone will argue the season ticket price is worth it when Brady is at the helm. But is that value the same when it’s a Kyle Trask or Blaine Gabbert calling signals? It’s the equivalent of renting a car for two months at $2000 a month, the first month you get a brand new Cadillac, the second month you end up with a Ford Focus. I’m pretty sure none of you would be OK with that, right?

So What’s The Answer?

I’d say the Buccaneers can solve this easily by locking up Brady for two years. That would not only out the fans at ease, but would help dramatically in free agent negotiations. We all know some if these players took discounts when signing with the Bucs because of Brady being here. So to the Glazers this actually makes sense, and money. Which is really what this is all about.

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