Gronk on Buccaneers: “They’re Down for the Players to Collect All of Their Money”


Free agent tight end Rob (Gronk) Gronkowski recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk free agency, football and more.

During the segment, Kimmel asked about teams helping players hit performance bonuses. Gronk took a jab at his former team the New England Patriots, “I’ve seen that happen before. Not with the Patriots, though. They’ll probably pull you before you hit that bonus there… I shouldn’t have said that.”

Gronkowski went on to take a low-key jab at former Buccaneers’ receiver Antonio Brown. Gronk said, “I’ve seen it the year before, the Bucs did it with a certain wide receiver that was [is] no longer with the team.” That is obviously a shot at Brown who claimed then head coach Bruce Arians sat him down to keep him from hitting his incentives last season. Gronkowski was referring to the prior year in which the Buccaneers did force the ball to Brown so that he COULD hit his incentives.

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