Buccaneers’ David on Rams’ Loss “That’s Not What We Want To Be Remembered As”


With a heartbreaking loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ bid for a Super Bowl repeat fell short.

That was last year, this is a new year with a new head coach, Todd Bowles. During a press conference earlier in the week, Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David spoke about the overtime loss to the Rams.

“It’s big motivation,” David stated. “Huge motivation because we kind of got us back in that game. Then for us to end the game like that, that’s not what we want to be remembered as. We have a majority of our guys coming back again. So, we’re definitely going to have to take another huge leap this year. That taste is definitely going to be in our mouths for a while.”

Luckily the Buccaneers have a chance at redemption this year as the team plays the Rams in the regular season.

“I believe we play them in the regular season,” David stated. “Not trying to say we’re going to circle that game, but it’s a game that’s obviously going to be very important. But we definitely, as a whole throughout the season, we want to improve on what we had last year. We want to be more consistent in certain areas, and we’re just going to try and get better every time.”

David definitely hasn’t forgotten that feeling from the overtime loss to the Rams. As a captain on this team you have to think his sentiments are echoed throughout that locker room.

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