Buccaneers’ Scott Smith Chimes in on Gronk’s Potential Return


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gearing up for round two of the 2022 NFL Draft Friday. They do so with three picks in hand (No. 33, No. 60, No. 91) including the first pick in the second round.

The Buccaneers have needs at several positions including tight end. With Rob Gronkowski still undecided about returning to play the Buccaneers may very well take a tight end on day two of the draft.

The Bucs have two other free agents they’d like to bring back, Ndamukong Suh and Jason Pierre-Paul. Like Gronkowski, Pierre-Paul and Suh’s return may depend heavily on what the Buccaneers do on day two of the draft.

So it’s definitely worth noting that Buccaneers.com senior writer and editor was recently on the “Locked on Bucs” podcast. The question of Gronkowski’s return came up. Smith stated that he thought there was a better chance of Gronkowski coming back than Pierre-Paul and Suh.

“I would think the most likely returning is Gronk,” Smith stated. “I think that’s all just based on waiting for him to decide. If Gronkowski wants to come back, I would have a hard time believing that we would not find a way to make that happen.”

Smith Went On

“If Tom Brady had left,.I would just expect Rob Gronkowski to slide back into his very fun retirement phase. But I just am of the opinion that he probably has things he would like to do this offseason. There’s no hurry for him to make his decision,” Smith went on. “Maybe he doesn’t want to go to mandatory minicamp. I’m just making [that part] up, but it wouldn’t shock you.”

The Buccaneers only have one legitimate tight end under contract, Cameron Brate. This draft is full of talent at the tight end position as well as EDGE and defensive line. I really can’t see the Bucs not bringing back Gronkowski if he chooses to play. That said, even with Gronkowski back the Buccaneers still need a tight end for depth and the future.

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