Bengals’ Burrow on Why Buccaneers’ Brady Retired


The retirement of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady lasted 41 days. The speculation as to why he retired then ultimately coming back has lasted much longer than that.

Once the news of Brady’s retirement broke, the tributes as well as the conspiracy theories started. We’re not talking the retirement of a Jamarcus Russell, we’re talking about the retirement of the greatest of all time. So it’s expected to be talked about, dissected and rationalized. One problem, Brady never filed the paperwork to officially retire. Just 41 days later, Brady was un-retired and the conspiracies started.

The theories of why Brady retired came fast, strong and in some cases were just silly. Was it an internal feud with Bruce Arians? Could it have really been for his family? Was he wanting to play for another team? Every talking head with an internet connection had a theory, most of which was just white noise. The truth of why? Well, we’ll probably never find that out, at least not any time soon.

Recently Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked about this very subject.

Smoking Joe Burrow seems to say what a majority of us were thinking at the time. Brady has been playing at such a high level that it was hard to see him walk away.

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