Watch: Buccaneers’ Delaney Talks Offseason, Rams & Saints


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers secondary has taken some heat the last few years, some justified, some not. As reported by, roughly a month ago the Bucs defensive backs started a specific study program.

Recently, Buccaneers cornerback Dee Delaney was on the Saturday Morning Inspection Show on YouTube. Delaney was asked about several topics including the team wanting to avenge their loss to the Rams as well as the specific study program.

Delaney, “Our cornerbacks coach, he told us, ‘Hey, why wait until the season starts? Why not watch now? Let’s try to get the upper hand.”

The 5’11 corner also talked about how they’ve started studying the Rams and Saints game film. The sense of urgency and willingness to get better is encouraging for a team like the Buccaneers. When you take a step back and think, last season came down to one play, a pass, by the Rams. Sounds like the Bucs are hell bent on not letting the secondary be the reason THIS season ends prematurely.

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