Buccaneers’ Akiem Hicks’ Contract Details


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially signed defensive lineman Akiem Hicks Wednesday. The deal was reported as a one-year deal worth up to $10 million dollars. Thanks to Greg Auman of The Athletic we have a more detailed breakdown of the contract.

Per Auman,

“Akiem Hicks’ contract with Bucs is for one year, but thanks to use of four void years, his 2022 salary cap hit works out to just $2.39 million. If he plays more than nine games, cap hit can end up being up to $700k higher.”

Hicks is a proven veteran that has played in a 3-4 system with success. This moves appears to all but rule out the Buccaneers bringing back defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. Hicks is in some ways an upgrade from Suh as our J.T. Olsen broke down in an earlier article. Look for Hicks to play less than three-quarters of the Buccaneers defensive plays this year as a rotational player.

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