Rob Gronkowski, One of a Kind


What did Rob Gronkowski mean to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The easy answer would be a key component of a 2020 championship Tampa Bay team. But wasn’t it truly so much more?

The Gronk

You couldn’t have been a fan of NFL football the last decade and not loved this kid. Sure, the Hall of Fame worthy numbers are impressive, talent, motor, and strength. That smile, laugh, and infectious personality, is unforgettable. The relationship between Gronk and Brady? Legendary. But we’re forgetting one thing.

A 3.75 grade point a average in high school and phenomenal SAT score. If you looked and only saw a football player. You were missing the big picture. While schools around the country were chasing Rob Gronkowski for his football talents. The pursuit very easily could have been academic. The kind of student, person, and leader that schools dream of.

From Good Stock

The Gronkowski family name is synonymous with All American. Five athletic sons born to Gordon and Diane Gronkowski. Rob, Gordie, Dan, Chris, and Glenn Gronkowski. A handful to be sure. But each with a “kid next door”, sweet, playful demeanor. Showing us all what the importance of a great family dynamic. Not since Beaver and Wally Cleaver have you wanted to be friends with brothers like this. A testament to the Gronkowski family.

Great-grandson to Ignatius Gronkowski, who represented the United States in the 1924 Olympics in Paris France. Holder of five world records in the sport of cycling. You don’t have to imagine too hard that he would be so proud of the accomplishments of his great-grandson Rob, or the entire Gronkowski family, for that matter. Just as Patriots, and Buccaneer fans are today. We celebrate the outstanding career of Rob Gronkowski after his retirement announcement.

One Of A Kind

The numbers state the facts. That Rob Gronkowski will be a sure fire, first ballot Hall of Fame selection when hall eligibility kicks in. That means there will be at least two Buccaneers going into Canton within the next decade. Although some would argue, maybe even more should go. The greatest tight end to ever play the game? That statement would not be a stretch.

The smile, laugh, and totally infectious, boyish behavior. Intelligent, gifted, a gamer with few contemporaries. A Patriot, a Buccaneer, a champion. Rob Gronkowski wears many hats. But the kid is truly one of a kind. Tampa Bay is better for his time here. That kid who so long ago wrote that he wanted to play professional football, as a Buccaneer. He will now start the next phase of his life. The world can’t wait.

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