Former NFL GM: “100%” Gronk Returns to Buccaneers in 2022


The Rob Gronkowski saga rolls on with yet another NFL insider chimed in on whether or not The Gronk will come out of retirement. This time it’s former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

Tannenbaum was recently on ESPN’s “Get Up” where he talked about the Buccaneers’ tight end group and whether or not Gronkowski will return.

“100 percent (Gronkowski) comes back. When (Tom Brady) says go (Gronkowski) says, ‘Yes, how fast, and how high?’ They don’t need Gronk for 17 games, they need Gronk in consequential moments, a lot of veterans don’t like training camp. Gronk doesn’t need it, and he can be the difference of (the Buccaneers) beating the Rams down the stretch. So when Tom says, ‘Hey, Gronk. It’s time to go.’ I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a Buccaneer.”

Tannenbaum is well respected amongst the NFL community. That said, this doesn’t appear to be insider information as much as it is speculation. Yes, Tom Brady does seem to have influence over Gronkowski. And of course most of us still think there’s a chance he’ll return at some point this season. But this seems more like a reading of the tea leaves than anything and we’re more of the coffee drinking type.

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