Buccaneers’ Brady Sent Cryptic Text to Mike Evans Before Announcing His Return


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ receiver Mike Evans is back home in Texas gearing up for training camp and his ninth NFL season.

Evans recently sat down with Galveston Texas KPRC2’s Ari Alexander to talk everything from his backyard football practice field to the cryptic text he received from recently retired quarterback Tom Brady.

“He sent me a link to the article about his final touchdown ball selling for more than $500,000,” Evans explained about the ball he caught from Brady then tossed into the crowd during the Buccaneers playoff loss against the Rams. He told me ‘that’s a lot of tuition money. I told him ‘in my defense, I didn’t know you were going to retire right then.”

Evans then explained that shortly after the first text, Brady sent another one,

“There’s more touchdowns in our future.”


Later that day Brady announced his return to the Buccaneers, Evans’ response, “I was happy. I didn’t think he was really coming back, I thought he was playing around and a few hours later he announced it.” The rest is as you know, history.

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