A Buccaneers’ Brady Stat That’ll Make Your Head Spin


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady has accomplished more in the NFL than any other player. His stat sheet is one that resides at the top of nearly every category. Brady leading or near the top of every passing stat category is in part why he is the GOAT. But recently a ridiculous stat surfaced that just shows how ridiculously dominant Brady has been.

Recently CBS Sports pointed out a Brady stat that is absolutely insane, but weirdly not surprising. The stat compares Brady’s career passing touchdown numbers to that of the other quarterbacks in the NFC South, combined…

The GOAT has 710 career touchdown passes in his 365 games played. Compared to the 646 touchdowns in 519 games by the NFC South quarterbacks combined. No, not the three starters, all 14 quarterbacks on the rosters of the Panthers, Saints and Falcons combined.

Think about that for a minute, Brady has less games and still has more touchdowns than 14 players combined. Yes we’ve said this several times in this article, but dam! What’s even more ridiculous is, Brady led the league in touchdowns last season and shows no signs of slowing down.

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