Is Buccaneers’ Brady a System Quarterback?


It’s a tale as old as time. Is Tom Brady a system quarterback? Or IS he the offensive system. Did Joe Montana need Bill Walsh and the west coast offense. Jim Kelly and the K-Gun? How about Vinny Testaverde and the, well, the Buccaneers didn’t have a system then. As for one Thomas Patrick Brady,  there is an answer here, let’s find it.

The Chicken or the Egg

The NFL landscape is littered with great offenses that you never heard of. Great quarterbacks who never got great. But why is it that every time a team has success, the haters start to hate? We do know one thing for sure, a “system quarterback” is any quarterback who plays for any NFL team. For even if it’s is a spontaneous, improvised, RPO offense. Then it’s a spontaneous, improvised, RPO system. Duh!

This week on NFL LIVE podcast it was mentioned that an anonymous NFL evaluator called Tom Brady a “system quarterback”. A less than brilliant deduction. Brady played in a system in New England and won six championships and is starting his third year in a system in Tampa Bay. Looking to lead the Buccaneers to another championship. This guy is definitely the greatest system quarterback of all time.

System of a GOAT

It seems as though Tom Brady is the opposite of Teflon. Nothing is above someone in the media trying to see if it will stick. He’s either the greatest team player of all time, or the biggest “Richard”. He either respects the game more than anybody else, or he cheats to fill a need to win. The greatest system quarterback of all time, or the guy who can make any system great. Doesn’t matter. At one time or another, some media talking head has, is, or will be trying to define the GOAT.

Fortunately for Buccaneers’ fans, the current definition, iteration, whatever of Tom Brady is quite satisfying. Set to play another year for the greatest franchise in the National Football League. Somewhere in Tampa Bay as we speak, he’s breaking in new receivers and tight ends. Still grabbing the attention, and imagination of every fan of the NFL. The only reason to throw these simple narratives out is because sexy wins the news cycle. Even at 44, Tom Brady is sexy as hell. Or is it the system? Or, is he the system? I’ll go with the latter.

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