PFF Predicts Buccaneers to Sign Evans to $108 Million Extension


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans still has two years and $82.5 million dollars left on the five-year contract. According to Brad Spielberger from from Pro Football Focus predicts the Bucs will sign Evans to a new four-year $108 million dollar extension. The deal predicted would pay $72 million guaranteed.

“Evans has been remarkably unselfish the past few years, prioritizing Lombardi Trophies with quarterback Tom Brady and offering to take less money so other players can be added to the Buccaneers’ loaded roster. There are still two years remaining on Evan’s five-year, $82.5 million extension signed in 2018, but there were also two years remaining on Los Angeles Rams star receiver Cooper Kupp‘s and Buffalo Bills star receiver Stefon Diggs’ deals before the teams extended them this offseason. Evans is younger than Kupp despite entering the league three years earlier.”

Spielberger went on,

“…Adams’ and Hill’s three-year new-money cash flows are $67.5 and $75 million, respectively — less than the $78 million for Diggs and $80.1 million for Kupp, as they have later years artificially inflating the total values of their deals. Evans doesn’t seem like the type of guy interested in winning fake contract metrics, so the total value could be lower than our projection, but what ultimately matters will be the cash flow in the earlier years of the deal.”

We don’t have an abacus on hand, but this deal would likely free-up money for the Buccaneers in the front end of the deal. Something Evans has done on more than one occasion.

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