Buccaneers’ Gronkowski, “I Wouldn’t Go Back to Football. I’m all Set”


Another day, another report on Buccaneers’ retired tight end Rob Gronkowski. This one comes from the Gronk himself just days after his longtime girlfriend called BS on his retirement.

In a sitdown interview with “Good Morning, America” Gronkowski talked about his retirement from football as a Buccaneer and that he has no intention of returning to the game.

“I would say ‘what’s up’ but, no, I wouldn’t go back to football. I’m all set,” Gronkowski said. “Obviously I’ll answer. He’s the greatest of all time calling and we do have a great relationship on and off the field, we’re good friends.” Gronkowski Continued,  “I’m enjoying what I’m doing and enjoying trying to find what I really want to do next.”

Gronkowski is on record before this interview saying he was done, even if Tom Brady came calling. Just like his girlfriend, the GMA staff weren’t convinced about Gronk’s retirement is going to last. Take a look at the video and you decide.


At the end of the day I’m sure most fans would want to see his return. But at the moment, he appears to be living his best life and content.

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