Former Saints’ DB Explains Buccaneers’ Struggles vs. New Orleans


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed quarterback Tom Brady via free agency in 2020. Since that time the Bucs have gone 0-4 against the dreaded New Orleans Saints in the regular season.

There have been numerous articles put out in an attempt to explain why this team has struggled against the Saints. Recently retired Saints’ safety Malcolm Jenkins seems to know why.

Jenkins was recently on The Rich Eisen Show where he elaborated on why the Buccaneers struggle against the Saints defense. Jenkins stated the Saints are “built to beat Tampa Bay.”

“Those two years, you had myself matched up with Gronk, that was a good matchup, you have Lattimore on Mike Evans, that was a great matchup, you have CJ Gardner-Johnson and was in the slot on AB or Godwin, that’s a great matchup, on the other side was Adebo or Janoris Jenkins who can matchup any third receiver.”

Jenkins continued…

“Tom Brady’s whole game is take advantage of matchup issues, there are none when the Saints played the Buccaneers.”

Jenkins continued with saying the only reason the Buccaneers beat the Saints in the playoffs was because of “running the ball and their defense taking the ball away.”

“When Brady tries to win that game throwing it, that plays right into the Saints hands…what he does best, what works every single week is not going to work against the Saints.”

Jenkins, now retired won’t be lining up against the Buccaneers this season. But it’s not like the Saints secondary will see a major drop-off. They’ve signed Tyrann Mathieu and Marcus Maye to bolster their secondary. With Rob Gronkowski retired, Antonio Brown is…well.. who knows, and Chris Godwin’s return date yet to be determined, the Buccaneers have their work cut-out for them. There is one factor that Jenkins points out could make all of this mute, the Buccaneers’ defense. Or as Jenkins said, their “the wildcard” because “when they show up, they make things happen.”

To be fair to Brady, the Bucs have struggled mightily against the Saints in the regular season. They’re 4-15 head to head against them since 2012. So this regular season dominance isn’t something new.

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