The Mystery Behind No Buccaneers’ Throwback Uniforms


There’s a creamsicle fabric shortage is what they say. A worldwide shortage of orange and red cloth? Is Nike just too lazy? While every other NFL team announces throwback uniforms for this upcoming season. Buccaneer fans are asked to grab their ankles and smile. Why?

Who Are They Kidding

While it was a helmet conflict in 2021, it was a uniform issue this season. The narrative changes from year to year while the song remains the same. No creamsicles for you, Buccaneers fan. While the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and even Chicago Bears announce throwbacks. The story out of One Buc Place is the same. Nothing to see here.

Mysterious, Elusive Orange Fabric 

What was first blamed on a global supply chain issue. Now seems that the fine folks at NIKE are just not able to accommodate a 2022 Tampa Bay throwback. Really? While NBA teams are spitting out new threads on the daily. The Oregon Ducks sport a new uniform for every day of the week. Just this week, several teams have announced 2022 NFL throwbacks combinations. But not do for our dear friend Bucco Bruce? For him there is just no love. And that’s a shame.

Surely It Can’t Be

While one can assume the Buccaneer organization loathes anything associated with the team prior to 1995, the year the Glazers purchased the team. Surely there is no “behind the scenes” feet dragging with regard to those old school Buc threads. But then what is the reason we see teams announcing variations of throwbacks, legacy, and color rush uniforms. Yet not a word about old school Buccaneers threads.

“I Love The Creamsicle Uniforms”

While for the rest of the NFL world may not care whether the Buccaneers sport their throwback uniforms or not. At least one player, Lavonte David has an opinion. David is the only current player to have worn the throwback uniforms back in 2012. This was in a game against the New Orleans Saints during his rookie year. The Tampa Bay inside linebacker said during an appearance  on the NFL Networks Good Morning Football back in 2017. “I love the creamsicle uniforms”, David said, finishing “I wish we could bring them back, everybody around here still asks about them”. Which for Buccaneers fans only seems to add to the mystery. Why not Bucco Bruce? Why not in 2022?

In a one dimensional universe, when it was announced that the Buccaneers would not get a throwback uniform game this season. It just seemed like maybe with COVID, supply chains, or everything just getting back to normal. We didn’t ask why can’t the Buccaneers go throwback in 2022. But now, as every team giddily announces their plans for uniform spontaneity this upcoming season. Bucs’ fans have every right to want to know why this seems to be the only team that can’t get this done. The only organization that will not be able to celebrate its heritage by sporting the ole uniforms that defined this team for twenty years.

If it isn’t the color, complexity, or context of the creamsicle uniforms that make them unavailable this season. Well then, just what is the actual reason Buccaneers fans are being denied historical celebration? After all, we are just looking for a “uniform” answer that applies across the entire league. Because I can’t seem to find one.

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