Former Super Bowl Champion Coach Projected to Be Next Buccaneers’ HC


Todd Bowles, head coach of the Buccaneers, hasn’t even begun his first season and yet the media is already projecting who will eventually succeed Bowles in Tampa.

CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin recently dropped an article projecting where recently retired and former Saints’ head coach Sean Payton will coach next.

“Bruce Arians apparently resigned in order to leave Todd Bowles with a solid setup for his second try as a head coach,” states Benjamin. “So it’d be odd if Tampa Bay axes its internal promotion after just one year. But Tom Brady plays a huge role here, and considering he has the power to test free agency again in 2023, his input may well dictate their moves up top.”

Benjamin continued…

“And remember, both Brady and Payton have danced around rumors they were set to join forces with the Dolphins after their separate “retirements.” It’s not hard to envision Brady returning again if it means crafting an offense with Payton, who could help TB12 conquer his Saints demons.”

Wait, What?
Wait, What?

Benjamin’s list also includes the Seahawks, Jets, Raiders, Cowboys and the Bears, all of which make more sense. The X-factor here as Benjamin states is Tom Brady. It’s not a far stretch to think Brady has that kind of pull with the Glazers or Jason Licht. But the long-term affect could be catastrophic for the organization. Yes you’d get one of the league’s best coaching minds in Payton, but how would that play with Bowles? How would that go over on the locker room? Imagine the Buccaneers having a decent playoff run in Bowles first year, only to have him fired or demoted. Imagine even having that conversation with Bowles? I just can’t see it. And honestly, Bowles deserves more respect

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