NFL Stars Who Are Often Seen in Casinos


The NFL, along with most other sports, often walks hand-in-hand with gambling. Considering that sports betting became specifically popular during the invention of horse racing, it is no wonder why sports appear in the same conversation with online casinos. Naturally, fans and players alike can lead double lives while being gamblers and gamers.

We can hardly judge them as online casinos can turn into rather profitable secondary income. Not to mention that they are excellent sources of entertainment and fun, especially for people who gain millions from their professions. While we are on the topic of the NFL and gaining millions of dollars, we cannot help but mention that many successful players are fans of online casinos. Therefore, today we wanted to talk more about popular football players who spend their time gambling.

Sports Betting and NFL Players

As we mentioned before, the NFL and sports betting are often seen in the same conversation. Many football fans love to bet on their favorite teams and players. If you enjoy sports betting just like we do, we definitely recommend you to check out top google pay casino sites to maximize your future experience. After all, your payouts will depend primarily on your choice of online casino. We can also guarantee you that the most successful players out there will not settle for the first online website they see. Naturally, we recommend you do your prior research before any commitments. This also concerns sports betting. Even if you are a professional, you have to be protected by a trusted and well-known website. 

How NFL Players Select Casino Games

In the industry of online gambling, you are getting a choice of dozens of different platforms. Naturally, making a choice and settling on one online casino is a challenge even for NFL players. Rumor has it many lean towards GambLizard as this particular online casino has a proper license, thousands of games to offer, a good variety of payment options, and, beyond all, a long-term reputation. It also often appears in NFL sponsorships and never once betrayed its trust. It can be your first choice when selecting casino games and online gambling platforms. Other than that, we definitely believe that many successful players consider the following elements:

  • The odds of winning (hint: choose table games like blackjack)
  • RTP and volatility of slot machines
  • Overall reputation
  • Comments from other customers
  • Rules and regulations concerning fair gambling and wagering requirements
  • Selection of payment options (a good and established balance between crypto, credit cards, and digital wallets certainly wouldn’t hurt)

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan may be retired, but he is in no way, shape, or form forgotten. He used to be one of the best players in the league. Now that he no longer plays, he definitely enjoys other activities that additionally include online casinos. However, he doesn’t gamble to get extra money. Strahan views gambling as an extra opportunity to have some fun with his teammates and friends. His ideas of having fun include poker championships and spending weekends at casinos. 

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, who will be hosting the 2022 CMA Award, is yet another gambler on our list. Among his favorite games he can definitely name traditional poker, a variety of online games as well as sports betting. It seems like he is one of the many football players who decided to enjoy gambling right after saying goodbye to their professional careers. Peyton was even seen in one of the commercials for a famous online. Therefore, it is safe to say that he doesn’t say “no” to sports booking.  

Tom Brady

The last person on our list is Tom Brady, with a net worth of $250 million. If you wonder why this information is relevant, we have a quick answer for you. Many fans wonder where Tom Brady spends his millions and whether he has any ways to gain them back. The answers to all of these questions are positive. Tom Brady is on our list because he also enjoys gambling, just like Peyton Manning and Michael Strahan. Poker remains a common denominator for many, including Brady himself. However, for him, this game is much more than a simple social occasion. It is yet another source of income. 

Bottom Line

As you clearly see on our list, there are quite a few professional football players who don’t shy away from gambling. They are just as adventurous in the casino as they are on the actual field. The majority of them preferred traditional table games, especially poker. This is hardly surprising as this game has rather substantial odds that are much higher than compared to slot machines. Besides, poker can additionally elevate their popularity and gain them millions of dollars. Nevertheless, they still prefer traditional slot machines and even blackjack. We also cannot discuss online casinos and sports without mentioning sports betting. Surprisingly enough, even professional football players are not above sports betting, especially when it comes to their favorite activity — football. So learn your lessons from the professionals and remember to play responsibly.

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