Former Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown is at it Again


Former Buccaneers’ receiver Antonio Brown is looking for attention again. The free agent, sideline leaving, uniform shedding diva is back on the attack. This time he pointed his silliness at Tom Brady and his training Alex Guerrero.

Yes, the Super Gremlin and failing rapper literally just threatened violence against Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero. Brown is obviously in a bad place. His football career appears to be over, his rapping career consists of videos of people booing him and in some cases clowning him. AB needs help, whether it’s physiological or just a firm foot planted in his… well you get it.

Brown has spent most of his time since prancing off of the field taking shots at his former team. First is was “Bruce Arians made me play hurt”. Which we all know was Brown complaining about touches and targets. Then it was “Brady is bad”, then it was “I’m really hurt” while tweeting out an old MRI. It’s necessary to reiterate that Brown needs help.

Players like Brown know no shame, they know nothing of accountability. They are by their own actions immature, infantile and weak. Brown’s judgment or lack thereof is nothing new. This is the guy who thought it was a good idea to hookup with a girl who is famous for licking toilets….

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