Buccaneers’ Bowles on Trask’s Performance vs. Titans, “You Can’t Say He Took a Step Back”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the Tennessee Titans Saturday night 13-3. The team showed some promising play from the defense, but the offense… not so much.

Leading that offense for the majority of the game was second year quarterback Kyle Trask. His performance overall was one to be forgotten, remembered, but forgotten.

Trask threw for 105 yards by going 11 of 24 on the day. He was sacked four times and threw an interception in the loss. This led some to question if Trask had regressed. Head coach Todd Bowles addressed this via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

“You can’t say he took a step back. Sometimes it was the pressure. Sometimes they had the route covered. (Trask) was sitting in there. You’ve got to look at the tape to say whether he played efficient. Nobody played efficient on offense. We had three points. You can’t just put it on the quarterback.”

Consistent Pressure 

The Titans consistently applied pressure on Trask Saturday night. A perfect example of that is the interception in the second quarter. While attempting to throw a pass to receiver Jaelon Darden, Trask’s arm was hit from behind while he had pressure coming up the middle as well.

“It’s football. A lot of stuff is out of our hands, and all you can do is keep on playing no matter what happens,” Trask stated. “Whether or not it’s clean or whatever, all you can do is keep playing.”

Trask simply wasn’t able to step up in the pocket, the pressure was nearly instantaneous. This isn’t an effort to take all of the blame from Trask. He definitely needs to work on his pocket presence as well as get the ball out quicker. These things take time, they take more reps to obtain.

As head coach Bowles said, you can’t say he took a step back, but we can’t say he took a step forward either.

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