Five Things Evans and Lattimore Could’ve Been Fighting About


Mike Evams and Marshon Lattimore we’re both ejected in Sunday afternoon’s matchup between your Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints. 

The rivalry between these two players has been going on for years, with neither seeming to hold any positive feelings towards the other. 

It was a turning point in the game Sunday, as following the kerfuffle the Bucs went on a 17-7 run to close the out victory. Here are some potential arguments that could’ve sparked this mighty brawl. 

Who Gets to Kiss Tom Brady Goodnight if Gisele Leaves Him? 

We all know by now how much TB12 loves getting smooches. And he’s a handsome dude, so I certainly couldn’t blame either Evans or Lattimore for coming to blows over this opportunity. 

Who Gets to Be the Little Spoon? 

We’ve all been there. In a relationship, it’s a privilege to get to be the little spoon, and while Evans’ height advantage might cause many to think he’d be the obvious candidate for big spoon duties, he might want Lattimore to be his little jet pack. 

What’s Better; Cuban Sandwiches or Po’ Boys?

In this writer’s humble opinion, nothing beats a good po’ boy, but Cubans are certainly the bomb. It’s a tough call, and discussions could get heated. 

Who’s Better at Dancing the Tango?

I mean, the only real way to settle this debate is a dance off. I doubt either of these guys wants to dance together, but who knows? It could be arranged. 

What the Ending of Lost Means?

I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve heard it’s got a weird and controversial ending that stirs some rowdy debates. Maybe it even lead  to the shoving match that transpired Sunday afternoon. 

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