Offensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Chiefs


In a rematch of Super Bowl LV the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on the Chiefs in Tampa. This game that looks to lift spirits after hurricane Ian, the offense will need to start showing it can click and move the ball with efficiency. In order to do so, the Buccaneers need to exploit a potential weakness.

Chiefs Defensive Line

Lining up across from the Buccaneers is a group of players that have struggled at times against the run. Derrick Nnadi, George Karlaftis, and Treshawn Wharton have not posted a better season grade than 59 in this season or last in run defense. This leaves the right side as an ample place to attack.

In order to compensate the Chiefs have had plenty of situations where they have brought a safety down into the box. The results have been mixed. They held the Cardinals in week one to gain 103 yards total on the ground. 29 coming from Kyler Murray. Second, they kept the Chargers to 75 total yards, and last week they kept Jonathan Taylor to 71.

Game Planning

Though the stats above seem counter intuitive to what I’m suggesting I think the right plan in the run game can crack things open. In the first games run to pass ratio shows that the run game was not the focus for the Cardinals and Chargers. However, the lone loss the Chiefs now have they faced a more balanced offense. This just happens to be the goal for the Buccaneers coaching staff.

Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles on multiple occasions have stressed the run. The hope is that it will open up the play action pass and deep shots. This week may just be when they actually can put it together. If Leonard Fournette can exploit the right side, especially with the tight ends blocking as well as they have, then he should see a big game. With Mike Evans back the offense can open up a some too.

Final Thought

This offense is struggling. It’s struggling as the passing game has not come to fruition. Moreover, the play calling has been predictable and dull. If the passing game looks weak this game then expect the Chiefs to start stacking the box and forcing the anemic passing game to be the thing that beats them. This may be another game where the defense has to carry the entire team.

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