Carter’s Corner: 5 things More Likely to Happen Than a Bucs Rushing Attempt


The Bucs hold the record for the lowest number of rushing attempts in a game with 5 in their 2020 regular season thumping they took against the Saints, and they flirted with it Sunday night against Kansas City, only recording 3 rushing attempts for -3 yards in the first half. That 2020 record still holds, as the Bucs ended up with 6 rushes, and it felt like they ran the ball even less than that. 

So without further ado, here are 5 things more likely to happen than the Bucs running the football. 

An NFL Team Taking a Guy With a Concussion Out of a Game

If there’s anything this past week has reminded us of, it’s that the NFL still doesn’t care about concussions or player safety in the slightest. From Tua stumbling his way back into the game last Sunday then having that gruesome hit take place Thursday night to Cameron Brate managing to still play out the rest of the first half despite obviously having a concussion (he was taken out later in the game and was done for the night after halftime), the NFL still doesn’t have it right, and as long as we keep watching it, they probably will never care enough to actually do so. 

A Professional Athlete Facing Consequences for His Actions (No Matter How Heinous) 

We could probably create a list of hundreds (thousands, millions) of famous athletes who have gotten away with absolutely horrible actions simply because they bring entertainment value to professional teams, so we won’t get into it. But it has been made even more clear in recent years that athletes (celebrities in general, I suppose) live in a different world than the rest of us, all because they sure can play that sport ball real well. 

Me Writing a Blog Post Not Ridden With Sarcasm and Unbridled Hatred for Certain People

I admit, I certainly do not mince words when it comes to these posts. They can be rude and brutally to the point; some would even say annoyingly harsh. But hey, someone’s gotta do it, the NFL gets too much good press for an organization as corrupt as it is. 

Dan Snyder Acting Like a Decent Human Being

Washington’s owner has been a scumbag for quite some time (sexual harrasment/assault allegations, having a racial slur as the name of his team for a long, long time, allegedly cheating season ticket owners out of close to $5 million… I could go on for a while), and hopefully it will come even more into the light soon. Will he be reprimanded for any of his wrongdoings? Of course not; he’s a rich NFL owner, the worst that can happen is that they force him to sell the team, and then he’ll get a wimpy little $5.6 billion check. Poor guy, we should start a support group if this comes to fruition. 

The Saints Winning an Important Playoff Game in a Year Other Than 2009

Hey, I get it, this was a dark post with some pretty depressing stuff, so I wanted to end it on a more light-hearted note. In my defense, I have to get up for work tomorrow and I’ve stayed up far too late watching the Bucs get blown out on national television, so I have a right to be a little pissy. Saints fans will point to the various referee conundrums that seem to ALWAYS happen to them, but I can promise you, every other fan base feels like the NFL is out to get them with poor officiating. It’s not the NFL out to get your favorite team Saints fans, it’s your owner supporting pedophilia in the Catholic Church that’s brought a curse over that franchise. So get Gale Benson to sell the team, then I might have a little more sympathy for you. 

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