Tampa Bay Buccaneers Who Succeeded in College


Some may say that education and football don’t go hand in hand. First, if you want to be the best at something, you would probably devote all your time and energy to a particular activity to reach the anticipated results. All the other issues would be set aside, as they can be time-consuming and disturbing from the main action. Secondly, some people may consider academic education unimportant for professional sports and exclude any idea of getting a degree, for instance, in economics or business, while preparing for significant sports challenges. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have shown by their example how you can combine professional football and college to become more educated and developed in other fields of life. In addition, many footballers can serve as perfect examples to young students who seek a prominent career in sport but are not entirely sure whether it’s worth going to university or college to get a degree. 


Many professional Tampa Bay footballers don’t regret such a decision made in the middle or even at the beginning of their career when they had to choose between college and sports. In this article, you will learn about Buccaneers players who struggled hard to keep up with their studies without leaving their sports careers. Their experience demonstrates the importance of education for young people pursuing a promising career in football. Moreover, with the following information, you have a chance to see the ways to achieve success in such a challenging matter as getting a degree with honors and continuing to play football professionally. 


Reggie Barlow

An American coach in the present and a former player in the past, Reggie Barlow has a personal story to tell for young people who have doubts about receiving a degree. When he played professionally as a wide receiver in the National Football League for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he considered returning to college and finishing his education. But, first, he couldn’t bear the thought that one of the things he planned in life wasn’t fulfilled. 


Secondly, he promised his mom, who has always wanted Reggie to pursue academic success and become the best at it, that he would use any opportunity to go back to college and get a degree. Barlow decided to study without delaying this issue for long, even while having massive upcoming games for his team. Now he doesn’t regret such a decision to go back to Alabama State University and prepare himself for another career after the NFL. He managed the task successfully, showing his mates and friends that finding the strength to finish your business will bring you success and rewards whatever purpose you keep in mind.


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Jon Gruden

Thirty Buccaneers players graduated from Dayton in 2002. Jon Gruden was among them who stood out from other students with his excellence and high results in studying. He knew that without proper education, it would be almost impossible to achieve anything in sports. Thus, Jon pursued his academic goals devotedly, receiving high grades and approvals from the teachers. He showed excellent performance during studying, which didn’t prevent him from performing similarly in sports, leading the team to their first Super Bowl title.


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Keenan McCardell

Keenan McCardell, an American football coach and a former Tampa Bay player, participated in one of the presentations when the players shared their experiences with the students of various colleges. There McCardell spoke about how he had to make one of the most crucial decisions in life. Thus, Keenan changed his major from hotel management to business management. Even though it was a serious matter, and he struggled hard to gain relevant evaluation and grades to make such a choice, it didn’t prevent him from achieving success in academic studying. 


In one of his interviews, he tried to inspire young learners to strive harder in their studying and self-improvement, whatever it takes. Thus, he commented that education is the way to get there if you want to better yourself. As a result, today Keenan is completely relieved about his career. He knows that once he finishes playing football, he can move forward in the business world with a degree. 

In Summary

Of course, such a sport as football can bring many advantages into your life. The combination of running, walking, sprinting, and even kicking can benefit young men in many ways, providing improved muscle strength and tone and increased stamina and coordination. These are the special bonuses every footballer player would boast of having. However, no matter what perfect life a football career promises, there should always be a backup plan. Thus, higher education in another area may become handy once you decide to change the trajectory of your plans for the future and do something else after playing football.

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