Defensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Steelers


Piecing together all aspects of play the Buccaneers look to have a championship caliber defense. The defensive front is performing well, the linebackers are doing their job, and the secondary has been strong. This week provides an opportunity for them to again put together a complete game against a struggling team.

Steel Curtain 

A once consistently potent offense the Steelers are facing issues that have not seen in some time. The Steel Curtain, whether on offense or defense, has fallen. The Steelers have the fourth-worst total yards so far this season with 1,479 yards. This is due in part to a similar situation the Buccaneers’ offense has. The Steelers have not established the run. Posting the fourth-worst yard’s total (443) and seventh-worst yards per attempt (3.9).

One reason the defenses have been able to stop the Steelers’ run game is their passing attack is weak as well.  Now led by Kenny Pickett the offense is tenth worst in total yards and and deal last in the league in passing touchdowns with only two.

This should be an opportunity for the defense to showcase what they can do.

Up Front

The blind side on the Steelers offensive line is lacking. Dan Moore Jr the left tackle and Kevin Dotson are rated at 60.5 and 59.6 respectively on PFF. With Joe Tryon-Shoyinka’s upward growth I am looking for this to be a hall mark game for him. If he applies ample pressure it will keep Pickett’s head on swivel and hopefully pressure him into some poor decisions.

In The Middle

This game presents the ability for the linebacking corps to immediately pin their ears back. Again applying pressure to the run game and forcing the game into a young and inexperienced quarterbacks hands. Devin White and Lavonte David will need to maintain discipline to force the Steelers away from the run game before being completely let loose to get after Pickett.

Over The Top

The secondary should be pumped for this game. Though the Steelers have some talent in at wide receiver there has not been anyone who stands out as a true number one or game changer. Their play has been above average at best. Now, this may have a lot to do with quarterback play than the receivers themselves but it allows the secondary to have some confidence coming into the game.

Final Thought

This isn’t a top notch offense the defense will face today. But much as I wrote about the offense they should not underestimate this team. They may put it together at some point this season, lets just hope its not this week and the defense can tee off.

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