It’s Time To Turn The Offense Over to Harold Goodwin


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently sit first overall in the NFC South. And frankly, they’re lucky to be there. The offense has been abysmal. Between dropped balls and errant passes, the team is struggling. The biggest issue though seems to be play calling and coaching. Fans and professional prognosticators alike seem to have honed in on one individual at its center. Byron Leftwich.


Whether it’s running toward the weakest point in the offensive line during key short yardage moments or the plethora of wide receiver screens the offense just plain stinks. The offense is 25th in total points this season. Unfortunately one of the by products is being 17th in passing touchdowns while being 6th in passing yards. Additionally the run game is non existent. Case in point, they only scored 21 total points against two teams with severely banged up defenses over the last two weeks. Each of those games announcers spoke of the predictability and blandness of the Buccaneers offense. For this someone must take the responsibility of the poor play. That person is Leftwich and it’s time for him to be relieved of his duties.

Waiting In The Wings

Luckily on this staff there could be an answer. Harold Goodwin, the current Assistant Head Coach and Run Game Coordinator has been an offensive coordinator before. And a successful one. Harold has been an understudy of Bruce Arians for quite some time now with his tutelage starting in 2007 at Pittsburgh. From 2007 to 2011 he was the offensive line coach and quality control coordinator there. During that time period the Steelers were wildly successful (55-25) and appeared in two Super Bowls, winning one.

Goodwin would follow Arians to the Colts in 2012 as the offensive line coach. In no small feat their record that season was 11-5.

Goodwin again moved with Arians and subsequently became the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive coordinator. During that tenure the team went 50-30-1. The team’s 2015 season saw the Cardinals offense rank first in yards, top three in passing touchdowns, and sixth in rushing touchdowns. Though successful they ultimately lost the NFC Championship game that season. Goodwin followed that year with a 2016 season that had the offense in the top ten. Not to shabby.

As A Buccaneer

It should be noted that while Bruce Arians tested positive for COVID Goodwin was chosen as the interim head coach. During an interview on December 29th last season Harold alluded to his closeness with Arians. Referring to him as his “mentor” and saying “a lot of things he does, says, sees, I see the same thing”. So maybe Goodwin is what this team needs to get back on track.

Final Thought

There is no doubt in my mind Leftwich has to go. Goodwin should be the first in the shoot to take his place. If he really does see things the way Arians does then maybe this offense can return to form.

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