Buccaneers’ Evans on Dropped Pass, “I Saw The Light Go Out Of Us”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 3-4 on the season after a dismal performance against the Carolina Panthers. The final score was 21-3, and it wasn’t that close.

The game started on a sour note with receiver Mike Evans dropping a sure touchdown pass from Tom Brady. It only got worse after that.

After the game Evans spoke with the media and took full blame for the team’s loss.

“No one play is the sole reason you lose, but that was definitely the biggest reason. I saw the light go out of us. It took me a while to get back playing, your thoughts are just play the next play but it’s tough. Wide open, one of the best in the game, I’ve gotta catch that.”

It’s admirable for Evans to put the loss all on his shoulders. But let’s be honest, if that one play is what made the “light” go out for the team, the issues are much larger than a dropped pass on the first quarter.

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