Buccaneers’ Miller, “This Loss Is About To Be On Me”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the Los Angeles Rams 16-13 was full of ups and downs. For a team that’s struggled to score offensively, especially touchdowns, this game started as most have this season.

After posting just two field goals in the first half, the Bucs’ offense finally found it’s groove in the fourth quarter. Late in that quarter, Tom Brady led the team down the field and into the red zone. Then with just over two minutes left to play, Brady found a wide open Scotty Miller in the back of the endzone. Miller, dropped the pass and you could almost feel the impending doom rain down on Raymond James Stadium.

Not So Fast

Thankfully the Buccaneers’ defense stepped up one more time and forced Los Angeles to punt back to the Bucs with 44 seconds remaining. Brady went to work by hitting Miller for several crucial plays as the team marched right back down the field. Capping that drive with a Brady pass to rookie tight end Cade Otton for the game winner. Miller had been taken off the hook, and he couldn’t be more thankful.


“I was especially relieved after I just dropped that ball,” Miller said via JoeBucsFan.com He was, “thinking this loss is about to be on me but thankfully we were able to get it done. All of us collectively, we really needed a win. I think it was three straight losses or something like that.

“We need to stay in the divisional race with the Falcons too, so a big win as far as that goes. We needed it, we got it, and the flight to Germany will be a whole lot better now.”

The offense has been bad, historically bad in some instances this season. But Sunday, in the fourth quarter, they came to life. And might have just saved Miller’s spot on the team.

The Aftermath with AJ & Slick

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