Brady Begins To Find His Rhythm As Another Record Tumbles


Quarterback Tom Brady has certainly had a unique, varied and incredible National Football League career. In 2020 he made the move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a very brief retirement and even at his wise old age of 45, the San Mateo, California born enigma continues to create headlines for himself. Headlines have been a feature of his entire career, and not always for the right reasons but we will not mention Deflategate.

Strange Days 

It was a strange week in the NFL, the New York Jets took a pretty unexpected win against the Buffalo Bills and fan favourite Aaron Rodgers’ nightmare season got even worse with the Green Pay Packers as they were embarrassed by the Detroit Lions – Brady’s week went a little bit differently, but let us go back to the beginning for a minute.

Drafted as a 199th overall by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 draft, he was quickly tagged as the biggest league draft steal, particularly as he was the starting QB in only his second season at the Patriots, where they won their first Super Bowl.

That was the start of his success, 18 years predominantly as a first choice, he led them to 17 division titles (eight consecutive titles between 2011-18) and in nine Super Bowl appearances, he picked up four winners rings – all records for a franchise and a player. But they were certainly not his only records, as he has basically almost won them all – Most Valuable Player, passing yards, completions, touchdown passes and games started.

Brady Continued 

His move to the Bucs simply saw that continue as he led them to Super Bowl LV, his tenth Bowl appearance and seventh victory and he added being the only Super Bowl MVP winner with two franchises to his other records as NFL leader in career QB wins, QB regular season wins, Play Off wins and Super Bowl MVP wins.

The man is a serial winner and the accolades do not end there, but I cannot list them all.

Bringing it back to this week, Brady just made history again as he became the first QB to pass for 100,000 yards in their 16-13 comeback victory over fellow former Super Bowl Champions the Los Angeles Rams. It has not been a great season so far for Brady, but returning to his best in those conditions and under the pressure the Rams had put him will boost everyone at the franchise. The bookies in New York reflect that.

He produced the winning throw to Cade Otton with nine seconds left on the clock and for Brady on a personal front, it was a record 55th game winning drive to go with his sterling passing record – for stattos both will take some beating as he set those records in his 23rd and 374th games.

Speaking after the game with Brady ending the three game losing streak – his worst in 20 years – he explained.

“That was awesome. It’s a credit to all the guys I’ve played with – I didn’t catch one ball. I’ve had a lot of cool things – I set the sack record a couple of weeks ago – so it’s nice to follow it up with a more meaningful one.”

He will be hoping this is where the year changes in their favor.

The Aftermath with AJ & Slick

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