Defensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Seahawks


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense will face yet another test on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. With the resurgence of Geno Smith and the balanced offense that he controls the defense will have to stay disciplined and play smart to keep the Seahawks off the board. Here are a few aspects of the game that they will need to address.


NO, I’m not speaking to containing Geno Smith, although he does have the ability to run if needed. Rather, the Buccaneers need to contain Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf. These two players have combined for 50% of the offensive air attack and over a third of the production of the entire Seattle offense. Limiting on or either would significantly reduce Smith’s impact.

So far this season the Buccaneers are 23rd in pass defense and most the scoring against them has ben via the passing game. The good news for the Buccaneers is they presumably get Antoine Winfield Jr back.

Attack The Blind Side

With Seattle left tackle, Charles Cross, allowing 25 pressures this season he should be a player the defensive staff hones in on. So far he’s allowed four sacks, two hits, and nineteen hurries. That provides Joe Tyron-Shoyinka, lining up over top or outside of Cross, an opportunity for a positive impact on the game.


The Buccaneers are currently 31st in turnovers and are due for some more. The secondary has not had an interception since the Chiefs game and have been without a fumble recovery after forcing one for weeks.

Final Thought

The Buccaneers defense has been showing up. They’ve carried the team. If they can continue as one of the stingiest units, fifth in scoring, then there should be no reason for them to play well enough to keep the offense within striking distance.

Gambling Odds

Bucs -2.5
Seahawks +2.5
Over/Under 44.5

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