Offensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Seahawks


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traveled to Germany this weekend to take on the Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady is undefeated in international games and the Buccaneers look to string together a winning streak. So here’s how the offense can aid in that effort.

Play Calling

Week in and week out it seems the same. Bland, is stale, and predictable. This is Byron Leftwich’s chance to show he can keep things mixed up and defenses guessing. Especially since the Seahawks aren’t particularly great in any particular area. Currently, they are fourth in rushing yards allowed (1248), seventh in rushing touchdowns allowed (11), and eighth in yards per carry average (4.8). In the passing game, they fair a little better as they are 12th in pass yards allowed (2033) and 13th in touchdowns (13).

What Leftwich has shown thus far this season is horrible. This game is a chance to bring the offense to a multi level threat.

Recognition and Hurry Up

The Seahawks defense has a strong base formation with the use of two edge rushing threats in. However, if the Buccaneers catch them in a nickel formation and have a three wide receiver formation of their own they could swing the balance of momentum in their favor.

In nickel the Seahawks rely on Bruce Irvin, Shelby Harris, Quinton Jefferson, and Uchenna Nwosu on the line. This bring Al Woods and Poona Ford  of the field and puts Coby Bryant as the third corner. This grouping allows for the Buccaneers receivers (assuming the play calling changes) to have favorable matchups. Especially with the emergence of Cade Otton as the tight end.

If the Buccaneers can catch themselves in this ideal situation it could pay dividends.

Final Thought

I am elated the Buccaneers won last week. Unfortunately it was a last second single drive that did it. This team is being held back by its offensive coordinator and without change is doomed to fall when facing a complete team. This game the offense needs to show it can change when faced with the ugly truth that the current game plan and philosophy is garbage.

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