Carter’s Corner: 3 Potential Nicknames For Rachaad White


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Rachaad White had himself a game Sunday morning against the Seahawks in the Bucs’ 21-16 victory in Germany, as he ran for over 100 yards and looked damn good doing it. Now that he’s (likely) taking over the RB1 spot, here are some potential nicknames for the rookie back, because everyone needs a good nickname, right?

Mr. White

Breaking Bad fans rejoice! Walter White was an infamous character from that show and was constantly referred to as “Mr. White” by his sidekick Jesse Pinkman. While I myself haven’t seen the show, it seems like asking Rachaad to “cook” like Mr. White and Jesse do in the show would be a cool little pop culture reference. Or maybe I’m reaching and this is stupid. Moving on!

Slow-Mo Rachaad 

Many people gave Rachaad White the massively unrealistic comparison to a young Le’Veon Bell. While White may lack Bell’s strength and ability to line up as a wideout right now, he could certainly develop those traits as his career progresses. But one thing that is noticeable about White is his patience in the running game. The rookie seems to wait a beat before hitting a hole, thus we could dub him “Slow-Mo Rachaad.” Yeah, I’m not in love with it as much as the “Mr. White” one either. 


Another Breaking Bad reference for the win! Heisenberg was the drug lord nickname for Walter White, and he was pretty cool (from my understanding). I’m assuming Rachaad White is not a drug lord based out of New Mexico that is going to be investigated by the FBI, but he can still be as hell of a running back that is very productive in a Bucs uniform.

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