Buccaneers’ Brady Knows What Needs To Be Done


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady knows his team has a lot of work to do. Sitting at 5-6 and in first place in the NFC South, the Bucs need to iron out some issues throughout this roster. That isn’t done with anything besides hard work, and Brady knows this.

“Hope is not a strategy, so you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to earn it. You’ve got to do it. We’ve got six games and everything will be determined by what we do going forward, and I think that’s important for all of us to realize”.

Brady continued…

“Everyone, every team faces different adversities and we’ve faced quite a few in different ways. … We’ve had some really great wins, we’ve had some really tough losses. No one likes the fact that we’re 5-6, believe me. We’re not celebrating any of that. We have not played the way we’re capable of playing. I think the thing we can do about it is this week we can try to go out and play the way we’re capable of playing.”

The Buccaneers are averaging a measly 18.2 points per game. That’s down significantly from their previous two years where they averaged over 30 points over game. Brady and the team know this has to change especially with the dreaded Saints coming to town.

The Buccaneers only have a 1.5 game lead over the last place Saints in the division. Not a lot of wiggle room for the Pewter Pirates. This game, as with each game against New Orleans is huge for the Bucs and Brady.

“We’re going against a team that’s a very good team, and they’re not going to let us off the hook.” Brady stated. “They’re not going to give us touchdowns and give us easy runs and give us easy throws. They’re going to challenge us. That’s what they always do.”

Brady knows the history between these two teams. He also knows none of that matters and it’s what they (Bucs) do that matters.

“We’re going to have to take care of the ball, we’re going to have to make the plays when they’re there.” Brady stated. “We’re not winning scoring zero points. We’re certainly not winning, probably, scoring three points. So we’re going to have to do a good job and hit the ones that are there.”

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