Carter’s Corner: The 5 Funniest QBs The Bucs Have Lost To This Year


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This weekend adds Brock Purdy to a list of hysterical QBs that the Bucs have managed to lose to in this disastrous 2022 campaign. From rookies who were drafted way too high to career backups to a Mr. Irrelevant himself, the list is pretty funny and depressing to think that a team with Tom Brady under center couldn’t manage to score more points than. So here they are. 

PJ Walker

I mean, this dude was an XFL QB a couple years ago, and was Carolina’s third (or fourth depending on how you view Matt Corral) option. And yet, he managed to lead an awful Panthers offense to a pair of touchdowns while Brady managed zero (0). 

Brock Purdy

Yeah, Brock managed to lead San Fran to a victory over the Dolphins (an actual NFL team with an actual NFL offense) last week, so he’s maybe not as comical as Walker, but he was Mr. Irrelevant for a reason in this past year’s draft. He’s not Joe Montana, and yet this defense and the fact that he was playing against this offense made him look like Montana isn’t even in his league.

Mitch Trubisky

Sure, Kenny Pickett might have started the Steelers’ matchup with the Bucs, but Trubisky came in and picked up right where Mr. Pickett left off; by outplaying Tom Brady and sending the Bucs home incredibly unhappy. 

Aaron Rodgers 

Ok, I know Rodgers is a multiple-time MVP, future Hall-of-Famer, but he’s not playing like one this year. No, this season he’s been benched for Jordan Love and is leading a team that has a worse record than the Detroit Lions. So… yeah, the fact that the Bucs lost to him and the Packers, at home no less? Barf. 

Jacoby Brissett 

This one isn’t quite as funny; Jacoby Brissett is actually a quality backup, and many think could be a serviceable starter for a rebuilding team. I happen to agree. But the fact that he managed to force the Bucs to go into OT with a game-tying drive at the end of the 4th quarter because the Bucs’ offense could only manage a pair of touchdowns against one of the worst defenses in football? Still embarrassing. 

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