Buccaneers’ Evans Looks To Extend History


Mike Evans rewrote NFL history with his eighth straight season of reaching over 1,000 yards. It’s an unprecedented feat. One that requires talent as much as it does durability. Evans has been the cornerstone for the Buccaneers for years. Now in 2022, Evans looks to extend the streak to nine seasons.

Shaky Ground

Coming off a Super Bowl season and a deep playoff run the Buccaneers are now in a pre-Brady familiar situation. A losing one. Sitting at six and eight the season looks grim. Now, even with the outlook bleak, Evans still sits on the cusp of continuing to make history. Will his endeavor crumble in its final moments of the season, or will it collapse like the Buccaneers in the second half of the Bengals game? We are about to find out one week at a time.

Current Numbers

After thirteen games Evans now has 888 yards. Sitting 112 yards short with three games to go he’ll have to average 37.3 yards a game. Luckily he has only recorded one game this season with a total lower than that. That occurred against the Cleveland Browns where he recorded 31 total yards on two receptions.

What’s To Come

The upcoming Buccaneers opponents may provide plenty of opportunity for Brady to target Evans and gain the yardage necessary. The Cardinals prior to this week ranked tenth in yards allowed this season an is giving an average of 237 yards though the air per game. The Buccaneers look to fair even better against the Falcons who have allowed the fifth most yards through the air. These tow games could very well push Evans past the mark and it could come at a good time. The Panthers have allowed the 20th most allowed air yards.

Though there is a preverbal catch. Evans posted 96 yards against Carolina already this year.

Final Thought

These upcoming three games should provide what Evans needs to extend the streak. Couple that with Tom Brady’s penchant for helping fellow players to reach milestones and records I think he’ll top the 1,000 yard mark again.

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