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Tom Brady’s last game for the 2022 season has ended. He’s going to be a free agent unless the Buccaneers sign him to a new contract. In this series of articles I’ll address all the options Brady has and which makes the most sense. In the first article of this series I looked at Brady staying in Tampa with the Buccaneers.

So here are some reported teams that will peruse him and my thoughts on him going there.

Sinful Option

The Raiders. As much as this one pains me it makes sense. There are weapons there in Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow, and Josh Jacobs. Add in tight end Darren Waller with Josh McDaniels  and Brady may be able to enjoy a very “New England Patriots” feeling offense. Tempting for sure. Adams would play the Randy Moss role while Renfrow would be much like a Wes Welker. These comparisons are not new and highlighted well in Richard Sherman’s Podcast. He even goes on to describe Waller as playing a “Gronk” role.

Another key aspect here is the offensive line. PFF ranked them 10th in their final end of season rankings.

But even though the team makes sense, will Tom Brady actually go there? Brady’s children live on the east coast in Miami and he has alluded to wanting to stay close. Either way I expect the Raiders to make a big push for Brady, but I don’t expect him to choose them.

Verdict: Brady will pass on Raiders.

Childhood Favorite

The San Francisco 49ers have been linked to Tom Brady each and every time he’s been linked to free agency. 49ers’ fans clamored at the possibility that he would go there this past offseason. But it wasn’t meant to be and he returned to the Buccaneers. So this postseason they have the ability to showcase to Brady that they have a dynamic team loaded with weapons for his disposal. Could you imagine Brady with George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, Deboo Samual, and Christian McCaffery? That could be an amazing offense. Add in a top ten defense and you have the makings of an amazing farewell tour.

I’ve already touched on Brady’s kids being located in Miami so that is still in play here. But part of me has to question something here. Something you would likely call me crazy for. Do the 49ers need/want Tom Brady? Let’s assume Brock Purdy continues his hot hand in the playoffs and looks every bit the part of a franchise quarterback. You don’t simply just bench him now. That’s a dangerous move. With Purdy on the roster they also have Trey
Lance. A player whom they gave a great deal of draft capital for.

Putting on my General Manager hat for a moment I would trade Lance to get some compensation back and name Purdy as the starting quarterback. I would leak info about wanting to sign Brady only for the sole purpose of driving his price up and adding some weight to someone else’s cap. Now, if Purdy crashes then I am all in on Brady in San Francisco.

Verdict: There will be smoke but no fire. 49ers will be tied forever to Brady as his childhood team but he will not be going there.

Strike Up The Band and Play

Tennessee Titans’ name has been put out into the ether as well. The draw being former Patriot Mike Vrabel as coach and a team with a very strong run game. But they have no true number one receiver and have looked anything like a true playoff contender. I’ll make this one quick.

Verdict: No

New Team, Brady’s Old Home

The New England Patriots, so long as they continue to struggle offensively, will always be tied to Brady and labeled as a landing spot. The biggest issue being Mac Jones regression this year and a sputtering offense that failed to reach the playoffs. Bill Belicheck is still firmly in place and would likely love to have his prodigal son return home. There may be some allure there for Brady. One last run with my original team and to go out on top where I have become highly considered the greatest of all time.

I could see this happening. Of all the choices I believe this is a viable option for him.

Verdict: The only other true option other than the Buccaneers.

The Fishy Conspiracy Theory

The Miami Dolphins were tied through some interesting reporting placing Brady and Sean Payton on the wrong side of the sunshine state Before signing with Tampa. They have for sure built a team there with some serious weapons. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle make a dynamic duo there. But the question remains, was he tied there more because of Sean Payton or the draw to be part owner. The house in Miami resumed construction in November. Is it a sign Brady’s still moving there or is it Gisele Bundchen’s now?

Verdict: Miami has some strange things going on right now. Between concussions and the new coaching staff issues I just don’t see the draw. Brady will pass on Miami.

Where He Goes I Go

Lastly, Brady has been tied to Sean Payton and teaming up with him. First in Miami and now anywhere he might go. The Panthers, Broncos, Chargers, Texans, and Cardinals all have expressed interest in Payton. Some have already been given a thumbs up to speak with him. So could Brady follow if he is hired? For some of these teams absolutely not. Others may be enticing on the surface, but you have to understand al these teams fired their coach for a reason but if anyone can turn a team around quickly I believe Payton can.

Verdict: I don’t think he’s going to any of these options Payton is tied to yet. If another team arises the we will revisit the options.

Final Thought

I see the draw to many teams for Brady.  But ultimately I only see the Patriots as a team he returns to. I still believe he is not leaving the Buccaneers. But I also thought when he hit free agency there was no chance we would see him in pewter at all and I was wrong. Thankfully.

At this time in his career he’s not going to want to add a bunch of change and learn new offenses. Also his family is key too.

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