Will the Cowboys break the NFC East title repeat curve?


A few weeks ago, the NFC East title looked decided. The 17 seasons trend was about to be broken. Dallas Cowboys, the side that won East in the 2021/22 season, was out of title contestation. The Cowboys were the favorite all-off season, and they were out to break the repeat curse, but it seemed Philadelphia would not allow it. They were the favorites. As they say in football, it is not over until the last whistle. This is now the case as the tables have been turned. 

With the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss, the Dallas Cowboys’ hope of breaking the repeat curse is still alive. For those who have bet on the Eagles lifting the title and the continuance of the seasons’ trend where no team won consecutive titles, this calls for a new strategy, perhaps even changing the payment mode and betting with PayPal. The eagles may have been the favorites three weeks ago, but now the tables have changed. It remains wide open; it may be Eagles or Cowboys, but as analysts put it lightly, betting by PayPal may give you the outcome that you are looking for. It will just require visiting PayPal betting sites and wagering on your favorite team, and this time round, it is not that obvious; the Eagles’ loss has revived the Cowboys’ hope, and who knows, the repeat curse may be broken in a few weeks.

Eagles’ loss to Saints’

The game between Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints was crucial. Analysts described it as a decisive match. With a win, Philadelphia Eagles would have taken home the East title. A loss would have kept the Cowboys’ hopes alive. The latter happened, Saints hammered the Eagles 20-10, and with that, the hopes of breaking the repeat curse are now alive. Now Eagles have an arduous task if they are to lift the title, and as analysts put it, it will not be easy. They need to beat the New York Giants to get the top seed.

If the punters who will have betted for a Philly loss have their way and Dallas wins their game, then the Cowboys will be home with the East title. Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith could not hide disappointment. He is quoted saying that they played a terrible game but are up to recover in the next match. They are confident that tables will be turned again, and their slot in the contest may be guaranteed by their successive win. It will not be easy for the Eagles, but they are determined to put in their all. They are in to make history and be the champions.

Dallas real chance

With the Eagles’ loss, Dallas has a real chance of stealing the division away. Analysts say that this seemed like a mirage a few weeks ago. “Nobody would have thought that Dallas would have a chance of clinching the title. It seemed almost impossible a month ago. Now hopes have been rekindled,” said one of the analysts. 

However, for Dallas to clinch the title, they must beat the Washington Commanders. Some say this may be easy as the team is badly fading down. The hopes are alive when this is combined with the Eagles’ loss, and Dallas may win the title.

What stands in the way of an Eagles win?

Several factors may play against the Eagles’ ambition to keep hopes alive and clinch the NFC East title. Some of these are:

  • The Eagles have several injuries, which puts the team in a precarious situation. 
  • We have Jalen Hurts, the quarterback, he has missed two previous games, and his availability is in doubt
  • Gardner Minshew, the backup, may have played well in the past but was struggling during the loss to the Saints
  • The dropout from the top spot may have lowered the team’s morale.


A few weeks ago, the NFC East title was as good as gone, but the fortunes have changed in a twist. It is now open; a win for the Eagles or Cowboys is possible. Eagles fans and punters who favored a win are returning to the drawing board. They would have wanted the trend to be maintained, where in the last 17 seasons, no team has won two titles consecutively. Cowboys fans had lost hope, but this has now been revived, and there are signs that the repeat curse may be broken. It is a wait-and-see moment. In a short while, we will know where the title goes.

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