Buccaneers’ Brady & Bowles Had Complaints About Leftwich’s Offense


Did you hear the Buccaneers were in the market for an offensive coordinator? Of course you have. It was the move that’s been anticipated, in some cases, prayed for.

The fan base and talking heads had been on the “fire Leftwich” bandwagon for most of the season. Apparently, head coach Todd Bowles and quarterback Tom Brady were on the same wagon, at least to an extent. As Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported, Bowles issue with the offense was a lack of commitment to the run game and playcalling predictability. Check, and check. Brady’s issues were similar, but somehow I feel were projected a little stronger than Bowles’.

Per Stroud,
“Bowles would talk about how he changed his defensive scheme every two years to prevent teams from becoming too familiar with it. But he felt teams had caught on to what the Bucs offense was calling.”

The Buccaneers finished the season ranked 25th in scoring and dead last in most rushing categories. Tampa Bay’s offense did finish 15th overall, but let’s be honest, that’s mostly due to Brady throwing the ball while playing catch-up.

The drop-off in production from 2021-2022 was dramatic to say the least. From 61 TDs to 31 TDs is the only stat you’d need to start questioning Leftwich’s ability to be “the guy”. Sure injuries played a factor, but no more than other teams have to deal with.

The Buccaneers continue their search to replace Leftwich, reportedly targeting Todd Monken Jim Bob Cooter, Keenan McCardell, Shea Tierney, and Klint Kubiak as of this posting.

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