Three Tradable Assets For Buccaneers


The Buccaneers are entering a new (but familiar) era of rebuilding following Tom Brady’s likely departure from the team, through retirement or otherwise. 

It’s something Bucs fans should be used to; the Bucs were able to draft Jameis Winston and Devin White because of a prolonged period of rebuilding. 

Without a true direction, the Buccaneers might consider blowing it up a bit. There are a plethora of options for the Bucs to build more draft capital and shed some of the large salary responsibilities that are contributing to their salary cap woes. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of tradable assets the Buccaneers may be willing to look into dealing as they begin this long, painful process. 

Chris Godwin

Amari Cooper was traded last season by the Cowboys to the Browns for a pair of fifth round picks and a sixth. Cooper and Chris Godwin have comparable resumes and both have a somewhat tough injury history, making Godwin’s value comparable to the former Alabama man. So, if the Bucs think they’d rather hold onto Godwin for a bit and continue to try and remain competitive in the hell hole of a division that is the NFC South, I think it’d be understandable, unless a team is willing to give up a third round pick (or better). 

Devin White

Another player that wouldn’t command a huge return due to a multitude of factors (he’s not an elite linebacker, his contract expires following this season, and paying a substantial amount of picks for a linebacker is a tough choice), Devin White could just as easily remain a Buc to make the likely departure of Lavonte David through free agency a little easier. If White were to get a fourth or better, maybe consider it, but the Buccaneers will more than likely hang onto White for his final season of his rookie deal. 

Tristan Wirfs

Tristan Wirfs is the most valuable asset of everyone listed in this post. He’s young, he’s arguably one of the best players at his position, and he’s still under team control for another 3 years on a somewhat affordable deal. Now, should the Bucs just be giving away incredibly talented young players like Wirfs? Of course not. It would take at least a first round pick in return for them to even consider a deal like this, but if they can get it, why not? Besides, there are plenty of teams who probably feel as if they’re just an offensive lineman away from being competitive and will be stupid and overpay. Look at the Laremy Tunsil deal with the Texans and Dolphins. I could see the Chargers freaking out because Justin Herbert’s elite QB play is being wasted.

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