Cam Jordan Is Whining About The Buccaneers, Again


New Orleans Saints’ defensive linemen Cam Jordan is obsessed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, the guy who doesn’t have a ring is dogging a franchise that has two. Seems legit right? Well, this is Cam, so expect bluster, projection and hyperbole. But mostly nonsense.

The 33-year-old is at this weekend’s Pro Bowl festivities, yes he’s so desperate for attention and full of insecurities that he still goes to the Pro Bowl. Anyway, while at the Pro Bowl, Cam spoke with NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe, the subject of Buccaneers’ Brady’s retirement came up, and Jordan had nothing but kind words, for Brady.

“Well, this time he was able to say he was putting it up for good, right?” Jordan stated. “Last time, there were too many leaks that happened, it tainted, let the man retire. We salute him, we salute him and wish him the best in whatever next endeavor that is.”

Well done, but Jordan being the immature non-Lombardi guy he is couldn’t help himself and continued,

“We’re glad he’s out of the division,” Jordan continued. “Tampa Bay will probably go back to where Tampa Bay has been.”

“Just Win One”

So here’s the thing Cammy, what has all of that dancing, whining, dirty play, peacocking and trash talking got you? Five division titles and several unceremonious exits from the playoffs. So what you’re really saying is, “we couldn’t get done in a decade with Drew Brees what the Buccaneers got done in one season with Brady”? Your words ring hollow and empty, just like your fingers are with Super Bowl rings. To quote a fictional coach (because you’re obviously a fan of fiction) “just win one”. Yes Camberly, just win ONE and THEN you can run your mouth.

I know, I know, it’s just a guy talking, but maybe, just maybe you acting like a child is setting the tone for the Saints? Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the Saints seem to have beef with so many teams. You see, teams and players in this league don’t respect trash talk without substance. This pretty much defines what the Saints and Cam are at their core. Lots of success and talk in the regular season, but oddly quiet once the playoffs start.

Jordan walked into a locker room with a hall of fame quarterback as a rookie, 12 years later, no rings, just talk. It’s like you’re unaware that you and the Saints squandered YOUR shot, year after year. But no worries right? You got to dance, troll and whine the whole time. Don’t worry that EVERY other team in your division has been to a Super Bowl since you became a Saint. You’ve still got your quips and one-liners right?

So please continue to talk, dance and act like this, it’s what we expect, it’s what you’re known for. Congrats!

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