Buccaneers’ Wirfs Is The Best Pass-Blocking Lineman In The NFL


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded up in the 2020 NFL draft to select offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. The team had just signed free agent quarterback Tom Brady and desperately needed a tackle, a right one. They got the right one in Wirfs.

Since then, Wirfs has become one of, if not the best tackles in the league. In three seasons, he has two Pro Bowls and has been named All-Pro twice. Oh yeah, and a Super Bowl championship.

How good has Wirfs been? Per CBS Sports, Wirfs allowed the “lowest pressure rate allowed this season (min 500 pass block attempts)”

Tristan Wirfs 0.9%
Jason Kelce 1.2%
Corey Linsley 1.2%
Lane Johnson 1.7%

This is just one example of the Buccaneers’ front office doing some fantastic work over the last few years. Trading up to get arguably the best right tackle in the game and doing so by giving up a 4th round pick? That’s a fantastic ROI and just another reason to have faith in the Bucs’ brass to make the right moves in the post-Brady era.


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