Did The Buccaneers Believe Brady Was Returning?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers reportedly hoped Tom Brady would come back for the 2023 season. This comes from a recent interview senior advisor Bruce Arians on the “Late Hits” show on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The segment with Arians seemed to point to the Buccaneers hoping, if not counting on Brady’s return. Hosts Alex Marvez and Robert Turpin asked Arians if he was surprised by Brady’s retirement.

“I think you never knew with Tom,” Arians stated. “What he went through was really pretty hard, personally. And he did an unbelievable job of trying to put it aside and went out and played at a high level.”

“So I didn’t know if that was going to get to him. He can still sling it now, he can still sling it.”

There have been rumors the Buccaneers have been asking offensive coordinator candidates how they would use Brady. This seems to point to that until Brady’s announcement, the Bucs thought he was returning.

While several individuals have stated Brady was always going to either stay with the Buccaneers or retire, it appears he didn’t give the Buccaneers a heads up before the announcement.

At any rate, Brady is retired, the Bucs are still looking for a coordinator, and now we may know why it’s taking so long.

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