Buccaneers to Release Playoff Lenny


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers plan to release running back Leonard Fournette when the league new year begins March 15th. The report comes from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and has been confirmed by multiple sources.

The Buccaneers signed Fournette to a three-year-deal up to $24 million last offseason.

Via ESPN’s Jenna Laine,

“That’s part of the business, part of it. You know, the business side of it is always ugly,” coach Todd Bowles stated. “Anytime you have a good team, you’re gonna have some expensive players, and when it’s time to pay the piper, you gotta start to make some cuts and make the smart decisions without undercutting your team. But at the same time, going forward and getting some young guys in here that can replace ’em and play.”

Salary cap ramifications explained by Fox Sports’ Greg Auman.

“To explain the Fournette deal: If Bucs kept him, he would count $8.5 million against the 2023 cap — that’s his $6.5 million base salary, a $500k bonus and $1.5 million from his original $4.5 million bonus, which was pro-rated over 3 years. Cut him, he counts just $5 million. That’s because $2 million of the $7 million he was due to make is guaranteed. So Bucs save $3.5 million in cap space, and $5 million in cash. He still counts against the 2023 cap from $3 million in original pro-rated bonus and $2m in guaranteed salary.”

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