Is Baker Mayfield an Option for Canales’ Buccaneers’ Offense?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ salary cap issue is at the forefront heading into NFL free agency period. The team has several decisions to make on expiring contracts while trying to whittle down the $55 million they’re currently over the cap.

Of all the decisions the Buccaneers need to make, none is more important than deciding who will be the team’s signal caller. Tom Brady retired February 1st, Blaine Gabbert is a free agent, that leaves Kyle Trask as the only current option.

New Staff, New QB?

Dave Canales was hired as offensive coordinator to replace Byron Leftwich. During his introductory press conference Canales seemed to show support or willingness to roll with Kyle Trask. If that is truly the case the Buccaneers will still have to bring in a veteran quarterback. The question is which veteran quarterback can they afford?

The speculation season in the NFL is always entertaining. This year is no different, especially for the Bucs. With that being said, Pro Football Network’s Dallas Robinson threw his hat into the speculation ring, and oh boy are you guys going to love it, or hate it. Robinson’s prediction is the Bucs will sign former first overall pick Baker Mayfield.

“I wouldn’t expect the Bucs to dabble too much in the free agent market, but if they want to bring in competition for third-year quarterback Kyle Trask, Baker Mayfield could do the trick.”

“He’s unlikely to be expensive, but his late-season run with the Rams might indicate he’s still capable of being a starter. A training camp competition between Trask and Mayfield wouldn’t be the worst outcome for a team on the cusp of resetting.”

Mayfield’s resume is a mixed bag. During his four seasons in Cleveland he ammased 14,125 yards and 92 touchdowns to 56 interceptions. He was then traded to Carolina before signing with the Los Angeles Rams in 2022.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m there with you. But, let’s point out Canales is partly if not mostly responsible for Geno Smith’s turnaround. And I’d venture to say Mayfield has as much skill and potential as Smith. So with the Buccaneers’ salary cap issues and a quarterback market that is priced the highest it’s been in the history of the league, Mayfield might be the way.

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