Addressing The Mike Evans Trade Rumors


With key trades of high-end wide receivers over the past few seasons, speculation continues about Mike Evans and his availability. From top-tier media sites to fan-driven content from beat writers one thing remains constant. The desire to acquire Evans.


Over recent history, we have seen many teams willing to move on from wide receivers. Brandin Cooks comes to mind as two teams have received first-round selections for him. Amari Cooper initially was traded with a first-round pick in return. Follow those names with the likes of Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and DeAndre Hopkins. Even bigger names moved; Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams, and Tyreek Hill shocked the NFL with their trades.

Needless to say this has fueled the speculation out there.

Evans’ Cost

Looking at Spotrac Evans is sitting on $21 million dollar dead cap. One that the Buccaneers would have to shoulder for a pre-June 1st trade. Only after June 1st would a trade benefit the Buccaneers from a cap standpoint. Even then the team acquiring him will have to have plenty of cap room to spare. His base salary sits at $13 million. This is also likely why one of the first articles from the beginning of the offseason I found was one about the Bears trading for him.

The other issue is the compensation some of these writers and media individuals through out. Some say he’s worth a first round pick still. While others speak of fifth round picks as if Mike Evans hasn’t shown himself to be one of the most dependable and serviceable wide receivers in the entirety of the NFL and it’s history. Again, delusions of grandeur.


From Sports Illustrated to Bleacher Report and all the team specific sites every team has been thrown out there. Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs, Bears you name it. They are all teams with the same issue. No true number one receiver and a need to either help growing quarterbacks or ensure the success of one set in as the future. Some of these teams are realistic landing spots only due to need and the availability of cap space. Some are merely hopes and dreams.

Final Thought

If your a Buccaneers’ fan, don’t worry. Evans isn’t going any where. For those who support another team, write for another site that covers another team, or a nonsensical media talking head please just stop. This current organization and ownership value Mike Evans far more than any player on this roster. To them, at this point in time, no matter the offer, he is a Buccaneer for life. So please move on.

Even Todd Bowles addressed this in saying he didn’t even know where this talk came from and that he’s a key member.

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