Buccaneers’ Canales Talks About QB Competition & Respect


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback competition is in full swing during team OTAs. And while this is not new news, there has been a new wrinkle introduced to the evaluation process. Respect.

Buccaneers new offensive coordinator Dave Canales recently appeared on the “No Days Off” podcast hosted by Fox 13 Tampa’s Scott Smith and Chris Cato where he elaborated on the quarterback competition.

“I think it’s partly just respecting the team, respecting what’s best for everyone, and then also respecting Kyle’s process.” via JoeBucsFan.com. “You know, he comes in as the second-round pick with high hopes. Obviously, what a great thing, Tom Brady’s been here, so he’s been able to learn from him. But at the same time he’s worked really hard to try to have an opportunity to show what he can do.”

Canales is saying Kyle Trask deserves respect for being a second-round pick and having never been given a legitimate opportunity with Tom Brady on the roster.

The respect from Canales isn’t focused on just one quarterback, it has to and is being given to Baker Mayfield as well. Canales spoke to this as well.

“On the flip side, too, I think Baker, would he love to be named the starter?” Canales stated. “I’m sure. But Baker also knows this is his road back, too. From Cleveland to Carolina and L.A., you know, he’s been told, ‘No,’ a couple of times. And so for him to be able to come out here to win the team over in his own right, to perform and to show them that he can be the caliber quarterback that he believes he can be, I think I owe it to both of them and to the team to put the best guy out there.”

Canales and the organization are trying to thread the needle here. On one hand they can’t be seen as handing the job to Mayfield. On the other hand, with Trask he needs to at the least have the perception of a legitimate shot in this competition. Add in, if the team does go with Trask you’d have to make sure the veteran players were on-board.

The original plan was for Trask to take over once Brady retired. Mayfield is in the position to prove rolling with him is worth interrupting the original plan. Tough spot for everyone involved to be honest.

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